Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little-Known Facts about Nanotechnology

To demonstrate why nanotechnology is morally unacceptable, I have compiled a list of little-known facts about nanotechnology:

  1. The only way to manufacture nanotechnology is to chop up living human feti, along with the mothers carrying them
  2. The bird flu was caused by nanotechnology gone awry
  3. If allowed to exist, nanotechnology will put 100 million U.S. workers out of their jobs
  4. Terrorists use nanotechnology to convert regular middle-eastern people into Muslim extemists
  5. Nanotechnology will encourage virtuous young girls to participate in pre-marital sex
  6. Nanotechnology can and will be used to control your thoughts and emotions
  7. Nanotechnology is racist
  8. John Hinkley, Jr. was acting under the influence of nanotechnology when he attempted to assassinate President Reagan
  9. Nanobots are tiny man-made demons that the government will inject into your brain and scrotum
  10. Nanotechnology causes loose bowel movements

Again, please don't believe everything you read.

Paid for by the people who brought you little-known facts about cloning.

1 comment:

  1. people just don't read enough

    or something

    nanotech is my absolute favorite front in science and science fiction. the first cyborgs won't have metal chunks and tubes sticking out of their faces like the Borg, they'll have tiny pro-biotic nanomachines working throughout their entire bodies. i can't wait!


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