Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Woe Is Me

I think the only thing worse than being dumped is getting the flu immediately thereafter. There's nothing to do but sit around, watch movies, cough, and feel sorry for myself. Well, that, and write on my blog about how pathetic I feel. Eh, at least I get a couple days away from work.

And, yes, in case you were wondering, this is a desperate plea for pity, so please shower me with your poor babys and your get betters and your :(s. (I'm not joking. I expect there to be at least three comments wishing me well within the next twenty-four hours!)


  1. when i am president i am going to direct the CDC and hopefully the WHO, too, to eradicate the flu virus. sure, it'll cost more than the $600 billion Occupation, but influenza is one damn annoying bug and that's a kind of regime change i can get behind. i hate being sick so much. sorry to hear it's got you laid up.

  2. what's up little garwood? heard you're ill. dragula. i'm curious why your brother thinks that roger daltry can be of any help to you in this hour of need, but he's slightly off. (and also seriously questioning your classic rock knowledge...)
    on a nursing note: fluids, vitamin C, chicken soup, rest...feel better!! :)
    - charley

  3. Well, not a bad start. I was hoping for more sympathy, but ultimately I knew that few would feel sorry for a McBastard. (C'mon, doesn't that pitiful statement tug at your emotions, make your eyes water just a little?)

    Anyway, PW, I'd vote for you, but I only have about $20 to throw at your campaign. And Charley, I got The Who reference. But I was a bit confused by the Dragula reference haphazardly thrown in there. That has ME seriously questioning YOUR modern rock knowledge.

  4. he was questioning, not i. :) but you must be feeling better because you've got your snark on...the banter must be working.

    in ultimate HA HA news, your brother has NO idea who roger daltry is. BWAH HA HA HA HA

    dragula? yes...more of a drag than dracula...i uses it because i likes it.

    [insert sympathy tagline here]

    ` chuck

  5. Pancake Wrangler informed me that my little monkey was sick. I had the flu last truly is not fun but a good time to ruminate on life's things. Well, inbetween visits to the bathroom, that is.


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