Sunday, March 14, 2004

Spring Break 2004

Sleeping, working, drinking.
Sleeping, working, drinking.
Sleeping, drinking, smoking.
Sleeping, smoking, working, drinking.
Sleeping, drinking, drinking.
Sleeping, smoking, working, drinking, tripping, smoking.

Yep, that about sums it up.

Friday, March 05, 2004


Don't let other people borrow your car, not even your friends. They will wreck it.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Love Soup

Dedicated to Michael, Kim, Joey, James, Stephen, and Mikey

Many of my friends, a lot of "the guys,"
are scrambling to find fiancees and mates,
all of them dropping like so many flies
into the sticky soup of Love; that plate
that is either cold or too hot to eat
or has a gross fleck floating on top.
But my friends still continue to repeat
their mistakes, flying head-first into the slop.
It seems soup is the one thing that flies
can't avoid, like moths to the light bulb or,
better yet, pigs to the slaughter.  I would
like to think that after so many tries,
I would just give up and let the soup pour
down the drain.  Give it up and call it good.

Monday, March 01, 2004

The Life I Lead Outside the Bathroom

I'm only ever really alive when I'm in the bathroom, when I'm taking a monster shit and contemplating "God" or when I'm masturbating in the shower mulling over the meaning of life. Everything that happens outside of the bathroom is just filler. Eating, sleeping. It's all just a means to an end. But in the bathroom, the only end is the limitless expanse of thought and dream inside my mind.

I guess you could say that outside the bathroom I am living. I breath, my heart beats, blood pours through my veins. But I'm only ever really alive when I'm in the bathroom.

Circa Now