Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can't Shut Me Up

This is my mobile phone usage for April. Granted, it's only so far this month; it's possible I could go on a talking spree some time in the next five days.

So, basically I've paid thirty-five bucks for eight minutes of use. T-Mobile is getting a deal with me. Maybe I should look into prepaid.

Anyway, if you feel like helping me get my money's worth, go ahead and give me a call sometime soon. If I'm not at work, I'll try to answer.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Birthday Haul

Thank you to TunaHell, TunaHelper, Happy Time, and Stellar for getting me (or providing me the funds with which to get) the following nerdery:

  • Buckaroo Banzai in Return of the Screw
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Player's Handbook
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Player's Handbook 2
  • Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans
  • Preacher, Volume 4: Ancient History
  • Preacher, Volume 5: Dixie Fried
  • Serenity, Volume 1: Those Left Behind
  • Serenity, Volume 2: Better Days

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