Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Month That Wasn't There

September was eaten up by a too-long, nigh unproductive business trip, procrastination, and good old friends' weddings (not that I'm complaining about that last one). I started on several posts and I even wrote a new part of Superhero, but I never got around to publishing any of it.

That's sad for September, but good for October, I guess. I was told recently that I don't post frequently or consistently enough, so I'm going to try to post at least a few times a week next month. Also, I'm going to try to continue my serial story, but I think I'm going to finish writing all of the few remaining parts before I start publishing them, so I don't lose interest in writing it again.

Good things (or, more accurately, not-that-bad things) should be coming in October.

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