Monday, February 11, 2008

Lesbian Lizards

Kansan 1: D'you hear about them damn lesbian lizards, them female ko-mo-do dragons or some such that's fornicatin' with one anothern?

Kansan 2: Shore did. There ought to be a law again' it. They're just out there, flaunting their "alternative lifestyle" and their sodomy like God ain't watchin'.

Kansan 1: They're corruptin' the moral fabric of America's what they're doin'! Now all these kids in school are gonna think it's alright to be a gay dragon when it is clearly against God's plan.

Kansan 2: Y'know, I wouldn't be surprised if it was homo-sec'shul reptiles that made God mad enough to allow nine-eleven to happen to his own country. Wouldn't be surprised 'tal.

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