Friday, January 05, 2007

Poor in America

Aside from the blatant anti-liberalism in this article, it is very interesting. I have always had a hard time accepting the assertion that poor people are poor because they are being oppressed by an evil and shadowy elite class, or because they were born into a downward spiral of poor begetting poor. It always seemed easier for me to believe that people in America are poor and stay poor because it's easier than working. If someone will feed you if you do no work, but won't feed you if you do enough work to barely get by, why do work at all?

"There are more heads of household who work year-round and full-time among the top 5 percent of American heads of households than among the bottom 20 percent." If unsubstantiated facts like this can be believed, then it seems that it must be very hard to be poor in America these days. If you do find yourself below the poverty line, you should probably quit your job and apply for government sponsorship.

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  1. that article was too short to be very meaningful.

    the guy did have a point, though, but when he said "Left" he meant "Right" and when he said "poor" he meant "middle-class" which is actually a right-ish code for "super-ass rich."


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