Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Have Pen - Will Write

My unofficial New Year's resolution this year was to start a career in freelance writing. I want to start out easy, writing articles and maybe doing some editing in my spare time. Hopefully, I'll make a little extra money in the process. It's a fine resolution, I think.

But what's a resolution without a goal? Luckily, inkthinker has provided me with a goal that will start me on my way. The goal is to write 120 queries in 12 months. A query is a letter sent to an editor or an agent to propose an article, essay, manuscript, etc. for publication. Writing a couple of these each week after work doesn't seem like much of a "challenge," but honestly, if I had not been challenged, I probably wouldn't have started on my resolution. So, thank you, inkthinker.

My dream is that by the time my tech writing contract is over this summer I will be able to support myself doing freelance writing full time. I think this may be shooting a little high, but inkthinker personally assured me, a little too optimistically for my taste, that I "can totally become full-time by this summer." Thanks again, for your vote of confidence.

So, here I go, off in to the wild west of writing. I'm a lonely penslinger for hire, riding the open range, just looking for a way to get by. Wish me luck.


  1. you should also think about writing consultant. Mainly editing for big wigs who don't know anything about grammar, structure, etc. Tons of people in scientific research and helth research have to write for grants and seek out help from those who can.


  2. Good luck, fellow penslinger. It's a crazy, illiterate world out there.

  3. Thanks for the link!



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