Sunday, January 14, 2007

God, Inc. and a Rant about TV

I just discovered God, Inc. by It's a pretty clever web video series about working for God in a corporate setting. If I had the resources, I would love to make a web video series like this or like Ask a Ninja. Hell, I'd just like to be involved in making it: writing, directing, shooting, editing, anything!

Every time I see something like these, I am relieved. Relieved to find that there are still creative, frugal, intelligent people out there making quality entertainment. Every time I watch TV, unless I'm watching House or Lost, I'm disappointed. I want to laugh. I want to cry. I want to be entertained! Instead, I usually chuckle a little, or grimace, and then turn off the television and read a book. Television just isn't entertaining anymore. Most of it shouldn't even be called "entertainment." Why would I want to watch people bitching at each other on some "reality" show, or watch some washed up actor learn how to dance? Most TV today isn't just bad, it's insulting. It is insulting to me to know that instead of coming up with real, actual entertain, someone shot a whole bunch of footage of ugly people being chopped up by plastic surgeons or fat people complaining about how it's hard to exercise, and called it a show.

So, when I see some quality video entertainment with decent writing, decent acting, decent cinemotography, made for less than the weekly wage of the best boy grip from The Class (My God, that's a horrible show!), it makes me smile. There are people out there who actually care about entertainment, and don't just settle for pretty people and flashing lights. Bravo, God, Inc. et al


  1. if i had the equipment necessary, i'd put up podcast show. (i just started laughing really hard because that's the first time i've ever typed "podcast" and i don't even own an ipod.)

    check out hbo and showtime for some real television, though. they've got some great stuff

  2. 4400 is pretty cool.

    The worst show on TV now is that identity show where they reward people from making judgements based on pple's appearance. It's pretty much the stereotype show!

  3. Shotime's Queer as Folk was pretty good.

    As for The 4400, I've never seen it. When I saw ads for it, I thought it looked dumb. But, then again, that's what I thought about Battlestar Galactica. After watching the first episode, I'm already hooked!

    I put BG Season 1 on my Wishlist, in case anyone wants to buy it for me for my birthday in a couple months ... or, you know, whenever.


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