Thursday, January 04, 2007


Thomas looked at the clock next to his bed. The red one-thirty stung his tired eyes in the dark. He rolled over and tried to fall asleep. It wasn't working.

He remembered with dismay accepting the offer to join a superhero team earlier that evening. He recalled the smile on the face of the young woman across the table. He regretted agreeing to shadow the handsome man as he went on patrol the next night. He wondered if he would get a cape.

Miranda finally closed her text book, changed into her pajamas, and turned out the light. The logarithms, areas under the hypotenuse, and lines approaching infinity paraded through her barely conscious mind, screaming for attention. With only one night left to study for her calculus midterm exam, problems yelled and shouted and called to her to solve them. Her head could barely contain the noise. But a quiet, timid thought crept through her brain and stepped away from the din and whispered to her. She smiled as she remembered Thomas's awkward grin and not-so-covert glances.

A silent shadow, perched on a rooftop, watched and listened. Alex was in a state of deep concentration, waiting for the sound of running footfalls in the dark or a muffled cry. He had cleared his mind and breathed deeply. He was still.

Out of the silent darkness, one thought slithered into his mind and disturbed his calm.

Something evil....

Before he could finish the thought, the distant sound of a police siren caught his attention. Alex dashed off through the dark.

A mysterious doctor walked through the hospital parking lot. Regret sat like a ball in his throat. Now to correct my other mistakes, he thought.

Bloodshot eyes flew open wide. Brandon bellowed, a scream that shook his whole body. "It burns!"


  1. Another late one. Now that the holidays are behind me, I'll try to update the story in a more timely manner.

    I thought this would be an interesting way to show that all the main characters' back-stories are complete and what events happen to them now are all in the present.

  2. it was indeed an interesting way to synch up all the backstories. i'm really glad brandon is not dead.

  3. I'm hooked. Re-read all the superhero snipets too.

    not dead...yet?


  4. Cool device for bringing all the characters into the present. You've left us with a nice little cliffhanger, too.


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