Monday, February 05, 2007

Serial Fiction Blog List

My brother (Pancake Wrangler), my friend (Luciano), and I have all been writing serialized pieces of fiction, using blogs as our medium. It seems blogs were made for this. The author writes a bit of a story. The readers read the bit of the story and have the opportunity to respond, via commenting, to every portion of that entire story. The author gets validation. The readers get to partake in the creative process. Every one wins!

You'd think that there'd be tons of serialized fiction blogs out there, right? But after several searches, I haven't found much. What most searches for "fiction blogs" reveal are blogs written by fictional people. They are fictional online diaries. This is an interesting genre, I'm sure, but I can barely stand most blogs I come across written by real people. Why would I want to read a blog by a fake real person? Like "reality TV," fiction posing as reality fails to entice me; actually, it annoys me. I should care about something just because it purports itself to be true? Quit a-million-little-pieces-ing fiction and write something that will intrigue the reader without tricking them. (And, yes, I just verbed a book title.)

So, I said all that to say this: I am compiling a serial fiction blog list. It will contain links to blogs solely devoted to one or several works of fiction, broken up into sections that are or have been updated periodically, or links to a table of contents of such a work of fiction contained within a blog not singly devoted to serial fiction.

Divine Intermission
Five Chapters
various authors
Healing Knowledge
Mortal Ghost
L. Lee Lowe
Mr. McBastard
The Unbinding
Walter Kirn
Pancake Wrangler
Zen of Evil
Christopher Michael Nelson
Zen of Evil: Progeny
Christopher Michael Nelson

If you or anyone you know has a blog that fits the guidelines above, email me or leave a comment, and I'll add it to the list.


  1. I'm an idiot!

    I forgot to include my own serial fiction and those of PW and Luciano that I mentioned in the first sentence!

  2. is there a difference between complaints and annoyances or is that an unfortunate overlap that hasn't cleared up yet?

  3. Complaints are comments (They used to be called Annoy Me) and Annoyances are Trackback links. I think I'm going to change these names, though.

    Also, I have a small beef with the New Blogger: I can't change where the "Annoyances" "posted by Mr. McBastard" and "Labels:" are positioned. It lets me change where they are on the template thingie, but the changes aren't reflected in the actual blog posts. It's just a little annoying.

  4. Hi! Thanks for adding MORTAL GHOST to your list.

  5. Here's another serial novel to keep an eye on, Healing Knowledge:

  6. Thanks, Lee. I've added df's Healing Knowledge to the list!

  7. Here's a website where there are other serial novel listings:


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