Monday, October 16, 2006

The Ongoing Adventures of Josh in a New Town

At work I've been called "Josh" twice in the last month by two separate people who have known my name for about two months. He's following me. How can so many unconnected people all independently make the same mistake so consistently?

  • There is some semi-famous actor, seen and known by thousands, named Josh who looks remarkably like me.
  • I have an evil twin brother named Josh. (Or maybe I am the evil twin?>
  • Part of the time, unbeknownst to me, I fall into a Tyler Durden-esque alterego named Josh.
  • People are named according to appearance and attitude, and I was just misnamed.
  • I am falling in and out of an alternate reality, a "Bizzaro world" in which the only differene between me and my counterpart is our name.
Does anyone else have any other suggestions?


  1. the aura of your physicque emminates "JOSH" vibes.

  2. But your astral plane embodies the essence of a "Zach" .

  3. not quite the same thing, but it's kinda like how a lot of people i meet think i'm gay ... ?


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