Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Take This Job and Lightly Push It Out of the Way

I put my termination of employment notice in at work today. My boss wasn't smug as I had hoped she would be. I was kind of disappointed; she was actually pleasant. That made it much harder to continue disliking her.

So, as of tomorrow I will no longer be employed (until I start my new job on Monday). Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

My new job is as a technical writer. I'll be creating 300-page manuals and procedural guides for the network security department. As lame as that kind of sounds, it will surely be infinitely more interesting that what I do now: work in the accounting office of an insurance company and fill out forms. I will have the opportunity to think and create instead of spending my days repeating and regurgitating. Plus, the pay is better and the benefits are awesome.

Another advantage is that I won't have to drive all the way over to fucking Kansas, spending over half an hour on the road putting up with idiot drivers, just to spend eight hours putting up with idiot coworkers. (I don't mean to say that my coworkers are completely stupid people, but, c'mon, if you work in an accounting office, at least be able to send an email or enter data into a spreadsheet.) My new job is just ten minutes down the road from where I live.

So, in short: old job = stupid, new job = cool, Mr. McBastard = happy.

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