Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wrestling Is Fake

I watched several episodes of A Haunting the other day with The Magster. Each episode of the show is a re-enactment of a "real" haunting, interspersed with interviews of the people that experienced it. I watched an episode about a family whose house was a portal to the netherworld. Another episode was about a couple struggling to keep their marriage together while living in a haunted house.

It was all very interesting to me, but The Magster seemed a little confounded by my enjoyment of the show. I'm sure this is for one or more of several reasons:

  • She hates scary stories, scary movies, scary pictures, scary thoughts, and the scary faces I make at her.
  • I often make fun of her infuriatingly horrible taste in television as she watches America's Next Model, so she wanted revenge.
  • I, as a person who scoffs at any conclusion not made by deductive reasoning or by using the scientific method, contrarily lap up these improbable stories of the fantastic.

I am to spooky tales of the supernatural the equivalent of what WWE fans are to wrastlin. No professional wrestling fan (over the age of 7) actually believes the combatants are truly fighting; they don't have to believe it's true to enjoy it. They enjoy it because they like the storylines, the machismo, the occasional scantily-clad woman, and the stylized violence.

Similarly, I enjoy watching pseudo-documentaries on the paranormal, not because I particularly believe that they're true, accurate interpretations of unusual goings-on, but rather because I enjoy being creeped out by the possibility of them being true.

I also enjoy stories about aliens and bigfoot. I think the probability of them existing is minimal, but I enjoy the stories anyway because it's fun to believe them, even just for a little while. And, seriously, wouldn't it be sweet to see a ghost bigfoot from outer space?

Anyway, if you don't believe in spirits and such, watch this convincing ghostly video, and see if it doesn't change you're mind.

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  1. It wasn't revenge, nor was it hatred, although you play the victem well. I just like to laugh at the rediculousness of the reinactments and the cheesy plots. I think the stories about the people who can speak to the dead are fantastic, and in all honesty, who doesn't enjoy a good haunted house?


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