Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sad Admission

I love whole milk. It is obviously the most superior of milks. I think 2% doesn't have enough of a milk taste, and skim milk might as well be water with white food coloring. And soy milk? Don't get me started on this lactose-lacking, faux-milk wannabe!

I find no shame is proselytizing for whole milk, and I ignore those detractors who claim that I "might as well be drinking cream." All other milks just won't cut it; they will not sate my milky appetite.

However, I was just reminded how much I like cereal with soy milk. The Magster is lactose-intolerant and chugs soy milk like it was Gatorade, so that's all she has available. I usually scoff at this mockery of milkiness. But poured over my cereal it is quite delicious.


  1. to my understanding, all humans are *technically* lactose intolerant. to varying degrees or something like that.

    i hear ya on the milkfat front. must be whole. EW to the soymilk. we have a whole fridge full here and i rarely touch it. this Light Silk brand has a decent vanilla flavor that i can dig with some cereals, but in no other form. is that what you and Magster like?

  2. I can't believe you posted this knowing that half of it is incorrect. To set the record straight, he knows damn well that I don't drink soy milk straight. I use it for cooking and cereal. I don't even like gatorade.

    Furthermore, your victem card is getting so old it is showing cracks. I've never heard anyone say whole milk is like drinking cream, and I've been present for most of your milk arguments. We detractors might mention cholesterol or fat levels or that it's bad for you, but nobody compares it to cream. In fact, your roommates are the ones who agree with you, and seeing as how you spend almost all your time with them, this tirade is a farce.

    P.S. My refreshment options are only limited because you drink all of my juice and beer.

    P.S.S read this outloud in a humorous voice and it might not sound as negative.

  3. I read it out loud like Mickey Mouse, but I still got angry.


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