Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Erin Esurance

Apparently, I'm not the only one with an usual (and somewhat disturbing) crush on Erin Esurance, the animated, pink-haired spy slash spokeswoman for Esurance.

Also, it is interesting to hear about how Erin was created and what she has to do with GLBT issues (Scroll down about a quarter of the way to read the article.) straight from the mouth of her creator, Kristin Brewe.


  1. Seth Stevenson is a tool. I have no idea how he can do his job is he can't understand this commercials.

    how very *progressive* of esurance to offer rates to domestic partners. i like that and i would have gone with esurance last time had geico not been a few dollars cheaper. but geico ended up sucking and i don't drive anymore.

    i watched the caveman show on ABC tonight ... still on the fence on that one. i think i'd rather watch Erin.

  2. I watched Cavemen, too. I wasn't impressed.

  3. Seth Stevenson would probably consider Mickey Mouse one of the most unsuccessful logos of all time, because he wasn't wearing a T Shirt with Disney writen on it.

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