Sunday, December 03, 2006

Waiting for Inspiration

If you haven't been reading Divine Intermission, you should start. It's a serial fiction, updated twice a week, about an eternally (quite literally) depressed man named Carl and how he fits into the universe. Luciano's Douglas-Adams-meets-Chuck-Palahniuk literary style is both disgusting and humorous. And just the hope of finding out what the hell is wrong with Carl keeps me coming back for more. I highly recommend keeping an eye on this story.

I, too have been writing a serial fiction, Superhero. Though, instead of updating regularly, I have been pretensiously "waiting for inspiration" to write each new part. That is why it has taken me over a year and a half to write as many parts as Luciano has written in a month.

If I ever want to realize my dream of being a professional fictioner, I think it will take more than random inspiration. I think I need to learn to write consistently and more often. So, I am putting forth this public challenge to myself, in hopes that my readership (all two of you) will hold me accountable. I am going to update my serial fiction every Thursday until it is finished. I hope that if I don't stay true to this promise, that I will receive at least a few pestering emails. Will you help me?


  1. I'll do it. or at least leave nasty comments.


  2. I don't know, should I be prepared for verbal attacks if I do? Just want to know all the facts before I sign on.


  3. count me in, too. i'd hazard to say i'm your biggest fan (wanna fight for that title, maggie?)

    and in addition to pestering you with e-mails if you fail to meet your deadline, i'll also write a fill-in piece for you that will be so annoying and fuck up your story in such a way that you will be compelled to instantly deliver on the installment in question.

  4. also, your link to the superhero directory or whatever doesn't work. the one on the sidebar doesn't include the most recent installments, either.

  5. hb, the nastier, the better.
    mags, you should always be prepared for verbal attacks.
    pw, all links work on my end, and the table of contents contains 12 parts. that's as many as i've written, by my count.


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