Friday, December 01, 2006

There's No Vaccine for Stupid

Fortunately, there is a vaccine for HPV, a relatively obscure STI that causes cervical cancer (as well as other types of cancers).

There are many people that would say this is a good thing. "Yeah! Down with cancer!"

Then there is the religious right. They're siding with cancer.

My first question: What young woman was refraining from sex purely because of a disease that no one knows about and that can't be protected against with condoms? Is there a horde of little baby-making teenagers out there that are busting down the doors of Planned Parenthoods across the nation to get their hands on this vaccine so they can finally start having sex? Because if so, what are their names and where do they hang out?

My second question: Why is getting an STI and contracting cancer more acceptable than getting laid and contracting intimiacy? God forbid you experience pleasure. (No, literally. Christian nutjobs believe God forbids feeling good!)

I can't wait until it's found that abstinance causes cancer.

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  1. infuriating! the 'religious right' (whatever the hell that is) is proving *itself* completely immoral. who cares how a disease s contracted? to impose judgement by the act of denying treatment is FLAT WRONG. a social group is trying to parent the rest of the country with rules they think will be prohibitive. it is stunning how shortsighted these moronic moralists are.

    [is christ having an 'out-of-body' experience?]


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