Friday, January 27, 2006


Isn't it a bit presumptuous of us to think that by our actions we have an effect on God's temperament? That by sinning we can evoke disappointment or even wrath? This would mean that we hold a power over God, and, therefore, that he is not omnipotent. Again, it seems a bit presumptuous of a fairly insignificant creature such as humans to believe they have power over the God that created the Universe and everything in it.

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  1. explore that thought...bring it into fullness. Therein lies the truth...

  2. One thing...I don't understand the nonsense words I have to type in order to post. I guess that exposes my lack of computer knowledge. Oh well, it give me practice typing...a you know excercises my proprioception.
    Lisa T.

  3. You're right that we don't have power over God, but our tiny lives aren't entirely insignificant to Him. Only when compared against Him. He created us, after all, because He wanted us and loved us. That doesn't sound like insignificance. And despite his omnipotence and omnipresence, He is an emotional being, so our choices and actions can affect Him. That is not power over Him, it is merely life. It's all a series of reactions, whether they are the reactions of termites, kitty cats, humans, or gods.

  4. whether you sin or not it does not affect God. He has set the rules, and if you do not follow it, then he will implement the rules accordingly. And you probably know the rules.

  5. So if whether you sin or not has no effect upon God, why would he care if you've broken any rules? Why would he need to "implement the rules accordingly" (and I'm assuming you meant consequences) if the action of breaking the rules had zero effect on him, emotionally or otherwise?


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