Friday, January 06, 2006


If Robert X. Cringley's predictions are correct, Google may be poised to revolutionized the television advertising industry (and possibly take over the universe).

Cringley stops with Google used to give individually tailored advertising to tv watchers / consumers. But why stop there? Suppose that Google notices that you've been searching for "Three's Company" or "John Ritter and Joyce Dewitt". Instead of playing an infomercial or the local news, they could substitute in an episode of that zany seventies classic.

Or suppose that Google could actually receive data about the shows you're watching (via Nielsen Ratings technology), then they wouldn't just have to use data from searches you've made. They could collect information on the shows you watch consistently, the shows you catch every now-and-then, which episodes of a series you've watched (and missed), the channels you stay on, the channels you flip by, and the channels that you don't watch at all. Then, whenever you complain about there being "nothing good on tv," you could switch to a Google channel (a la Google Video) and watch reruns of your favorite shows, catch up on episodes you've missed, or watch similarly themed shows or shows with the same actors / writers / producers.

Of course all of this is a trip through my imagination and based soley on speculation. Most of it would be probably much harder and costly to execute than I think. But all of it is possible, if not plausible.

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  1. Do this have anything to do with my unsolicited plug for yahoo radio the other day?


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