Friday, January 13, 2006

Dad Lost in Space

What was that show I used to watch? It was the one about the girl whose father was an astronaut lost in space. Somehow the girl had come to posses a glowing orb, a plastic ball with flashing lights inside, through which her father spoke to her. And listened. For some reason, no one was supposed to know that her father was still alive. So, his daughter was the only person the astronaut dad would talk to.

He never complained of running out of oxygen in the deep of space or the unbearable loneliness of some strange alien planet. He talked to his daughter, gave her advice, and listened to her problems. It was a ridiculous premise, of course. Who would ever want to have their father stripped of all his earthly, physical trappings and encased in a ball sitting by their bedside to converse and console only them?

Ridiculous. This was, of course, back when I was a young boy, before my own father was lost in space. I never found a glowing orb, or a way to communicate with him.

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  1. a terrific closing. well written.

  2. I racked my brain all weekend trying to remember the name of that show. Damn it, it still eludes me.

    Deep post, man.

  3. i believe it is called out of this world. she could stop time, because she was half alien.

  4. Yes! Thank you, Michelle. I could hear that cheesy Sinatra theme song for days. It was haunting me. You have exorcised the ... tv show ...


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