Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Sneakers

I've had the same pair of sneakers since the end of my sophomore year of college, circa 2003. That's longer than my longest relationship, and they've put up with more abuse than my exgirlfriend. That's longer than I've lived in one place, and they feel more comfortable than any place I've called "home" in a while.

But I think it's time to put them out to pasture. The tread, where it's still visible, is faint and shallow. I've worn through the sole on the heal and across the pad of my feet on both shoes, and my socks get wet when I walk on wet grass or through the shallowest of puddles. The toe has been starting to separate from the left shoe. I ripped out the loose insole lining of the right shoe years ago. Surprisingly, they don't smell too terribly bad.

I just bought a new pair of sneakers, a discount pair of red, grey, and black Converse. (I was going to get a pair of Chucks, but they didn't have any good-looking one's on sale.) So, I'll check back in when I'm thirty and let you know how they're holding up.

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