Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had lost my iPod Shuffle a few weeks ago, but I found it last week ... in the bottom of the washing machine. I let it dry and plugged it into the USB port (It's a 1st generation.), and was surprised that it synced to iTunes. However, when I plugged in my earbuds, I was saddened to find that it no longer played. Oh well, at least I can still use it as a 1G flash drive.

So, in order to assuage my deep sorrow over the loss of my beloved technological distraction, I've put a replacement on my Wish List. Although, instead of another shuffle, I'd like to try out an iPod Touch. I promise not to stupidly leave this one in my pants pocket.

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  1. if you don't end up getting a Touch by the time i see you next, i'll give you my nano


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