Sunday, May 04, 2008

McBastard's Last Week in Town

I've been wrapping up my existence here in Kansas City in preparation for moving to Chicago. I finished everything that needed finishing for my job on Wednesday. I said goodbye to The Magster. I had one last drunken bender with the old gang. Now I'm in the process of selling off some unnecessary possessions that I've been dragging around for years and packing up what I really need. In five days I should be ready to hit the road.

I'm finding that it's not hard to leave Kansas City (a little expensive, but not that difficult), but it is hard to leave the people. I've been trying not to make a big deal of my goodbyes, assuring people that I'm not disappearing, that they'll hear from and probably see me again. I give a wry smile and a shrug as if to say, "No big deal." But I'm sure even these cynical, emotionless eyes will mist up before I leave the city limits.


  1. My eyes mist up'll never know (until you're actually a parent I guess) how hard it is to let go and let you guys become adults. Truth be known, I really wanted all of us to live in close proximity where I could micro-manage your lives...ha-ha...but the God side of me tells me that's my human egoic nature and so off you go, I only hope I've equipped you somewhat for life and haven't screwed you up toooo awfully much.

    Love always, your mother...sob, sob, sob...when can I visit??? :)

  2. Don't worry, I'll take care of him. :)

    And you can visit WHENEVER you want!!


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