Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Golden Dumbass

Apparently, there's some hullaballoo about the movie The Golden Compass within the Christian community. (I'm not sure where the complaints were when the book was published.) The claim against is that it is anti-Christian because the book was written by an athiest.

My advice to all Christians up in arms about this: Don't believe everything you read and don't read everything you believe. Don't believe the crazies that say a children's fantasy novel is going to corrupt the children and cause the downfall of your religion. And don't read only the novels that say everything you already believe. Your faith won't grow stronger by petting it. Stretch it, scare it, flip it on its head; your faith will grow stronger by challenging it.

And most of all, don't take offense at every novel and short story that comes along. You've got your own book that's offensive enough for everyone.


  1. Just a heads up: Episode 2 of my "How They Find Me" series is up, you're so popular!

    Thanks for being searchable, it's bringing me hits.

  2. I think the hubaloo wasn't just that it was antichristian, but that it was "about killing god." This of cours I have heard from more than one person, and their source was always found in a church. Why else would an athiest write a book? Interesting, that's all.

  3. The inevitable question, though, is Why would an atheist write a book about killing god if, by definition and as a general rule, atheists don't even believe that there is a god to kill?


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