Thursday, May 03, 2007

My-Size House

I think I would really enjoy living in one of Jay Shafer's tiny houses. I think I would like the coziness of the place. Maybe I'm a claustrophiliac.

Also, I don't really need too much room, because I don't have all that much stuff. And I don't really want more stuff. If I have a lot of space, sometimes I get to thinking that I need more stuff to fill it up. Then, I get stuff that I don't need to clutter up my space. I'd rather just forego all of that and opt for less space.

While I think I would also enjoy living in the middle of a field. I think I would have a problem if I couldn't regularly access the internet. It's hard to get cable out in the country, and I'm sure there are very few wifi transmitters pointing to remote fields several miles away. So, maybe a small house in someone's large back yard would be better.

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