Monday, January 05, 2004

Driving Sucks

I spent the past week at Stellar's house. Normally it would only take 7-7.5 hours to drive to her house from McBastardburg, but I managed to make the first trip in 14 hours (due to getting lost) and the return trip in 10 hours (due to treacherously snowy highways).

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate some of the people from my New Year's jaunt:

  • Thanks, Chollie, for the mint chocolate chip icecream.
  • Thanks, Flopkin, for pulling for me in my endeaver to eat chilli. Too bad Stellar and Chollie are such farty-party poopers.
  • Thanks, Smeazy, for letting me be mean to you and hit you in the face repeatedly.
  • Thanks, Miss Nuffins, for the concert ticket and the shirt & stuffs. And thanks for being crabby, you crabby crab-face.
  • Thanks, Stellar, for keeping me in the basement for a week. Oh yeah, and feeding me and whatever.

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