Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mucca Pazza

To me, marching band always seemed pretty lame. In middle school and high school I chose to join the chess club, I was made captain of the junior varsity and then the varsity academic quiz bowl team, and was elected president of the drama club. I was essentially king among the dorks, and yet even I thought marching band was for losers. Last night I was shown just how wrong I was.

My blogger friend, Rini, and I went to a concert of a band named Mucca Pazza. And for a bunch of marching band nerds, they rocked pretty hard.

Much of their music sounded gypsy-esque. (I actually have no idea what music gypsies play and/or listen to; this is the only way I can find to describe music that sounds eastern European but isn't oompahpah or polka. Think of a more upbeat Gogol Bordello, minus the singing.) It was lively and beat-driven and pretty intense. Adding to the intensity were the band's colorful array of tattered and modified band uniforms, their wacky stage antics (The trombone section was particularly entertaining.), the inclusion of some cheerleaders, and audience interaction. The show began with the band entering the house through the back, making their way through the crowd, and finally ending up on stage. And randomly throughout the show, some sections would jump off stage and start playing from on top of the bar or up in the balcony. Even if I hadn't liked the music, I would have found them entertaining to watch.

But I did enjoy their music! I encourage anyone who is looking to find something a little different and unique to listen to, especially someone who was once a high school band nerd, to check them out. And I highly recommend catching a live show if you can.

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  1. Dude, former president of the science club right here.

    I was also the drama club tech director for the last year or two of high school, boys track team manager, in AV, as well as t-comm...oh, and as far as band, you're talking to the former baritone section leader and band librarian. Yep. Nerd.

    Glad you came out to the show!! You'll have to join me for more shows in 2010!


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