Thursday, December 18, 2008

Missing Kansas City

Two days ago, I stayed the night in Kansas City on my way to visit my parents in southern Missouri. Despite being in town for less than twelve hours, and only going from Union Station to my sister's house, I realized how much I missed the city.

It wasn't the city -- the location, the buildings, the lights, the smell -- that I missed so much as my ideas and memories of the place. I miss knowing my way around. I miss having pride in my city and community. I miss feeling like I was making progress in my life. I miss feeling like I had some things figured out. I miss feeling freedom. I miss drinking to excess. I miss not having to worry about money. I miss loving a girlfriend. I miss friends I'd had since highschool.

Of course, nostalgia hits you in the heart, not the head: I don't miss frustration with work and discontent with my professional life. I don't miss different groups of friends not getting along and growing distant from my lover. I don't miss wasted time and bad decisions.

I have some good memories of and feelings toward my Chicago experience so far, but nothing like those of KC. I want to feel as fond of my new city as much as I do of my old one. Perhaps time is the only remedy for this.


  1. happytimeharry12/19/2008 9:00 AM

    You may not miss Chicago as much, but the people here miss you. You're missing the billion inches of snow!

  2. This post captures so much of my feelings of Chillicothe ... although if I left West Plains there would be no 'happytimeanybody' who would miss me. I don't know if time will fix this or it is this way so that I'll be happy to move again...while my dream would be to move to least moving up to the northern part of the state would be more pleasing.

    signed, yankee at heart.


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