Saturday, August 16, 2008

Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

Stellar recently asked me if I would miss her while she and Happy Time Harry were gone to a family reunion for three days. I mustered up all of the politeness hiding inside of me, and I believe my reply was "Um, sure, I guess," or something similar.

I've never understood women's obsession with being missed. Not one of my dude friends has ever asked me if I missed them, no matter how deep our brolationship* ran. And even if a person (not likely me) did happen to miss a woman, why would she need to know about it, especially before hand? What benefit does this knowledge give her? Does knowing that somewhere out there there's a person desperately wishing he was in her company give her solace? If so, that's a little bit sadistic and a lot bit narcissistic. But me not understanding how women's minds work is probably not a surprise to you, dear reader.

To me, missing someone has little to do with how long we'll be out of contact or how far apart we'll be. I miss someone not because I know I won't see them for a specified period of time, but because I don't know when or if I'll see them again. Time is bearable, but uncertainty makes me uneasy. I miss people I might not see again.

* Brolationship - A totally hetero relationship between two totally hetero bros.


  1. Lies! I didn't expect you to miss me over the three days we were at a family reunion. I believe the sentiment behind my question was if you ever missed anyone at all. Butthead.

  2. Well, either way, I guess you've got your answer.

    And please, don't bring my butt into this.

  3. Actually your little butt was always cute...from a mother's standpoint - do ya miss me Zach?


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