Wednesday, January 23, 2008

O! Smug Ocean

The ocean slaps the shore on the back
and crushes the coastline
with a hardy hand shake.
The ocean is a smarmy erosion salesman.

The ocean is not as deep as he thinks.

The ocean is a vampire.
He shrinks in the daylight.
He sinks his fjords into the earth
and bleeds the land dry.

The ocean is in love,
swaying and swooning
on the whim of the moon.

The ocean is a bastard,
a goddamn smug bastard,

-- the meteors fall;
the core erupts;
fire broils the atmosphere;
life ceases to crawl 
in, out, and through him;
he bubbles and laughs --

biding his time until the world dies.


  1. This, sir, is fantastic.

  2. pickin nits:

    is there a difference between "hardy" and "hearty"? despite their similar connotations, the spellings suggest separate etymologies. know anything about that? i've not done more than idle musing myself.


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