Friday, March 31, 2006

When Women Speak

My mother (TunaHell) told me this once and I tend to believe her. She said that unlike men, women have a minimum number of words they need to use every day, (... or else what? My guess is that they have to suffer an extra day of menstruation!) and that is why to men, women seem to babble on incessantly.

Sometimes, when I'm supposed to be listening to The Magster talking, I'm really counting her words. Sorry, kid.

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  1. I would venture to say that most women (and that is a generalization I know) process life's events through talking about them. Some women don't even need feedback but just need to hear the thought processing outloud. And unfortunately, some women's processor's are broken and they never shut-up. My processor is in a time warp. I will verbally start to process and the words are emitted out of my mouth at irregular intervals. Sometimes the pronouns, subjects and verbs are separated by minutes...hours...days. I always tell my listeners to bring a flashlight and pack a lunch if they are committed to listening to me.

    Men on the other hand (and this is a generalization I know) process life's events inwardly. Some men write, some invent light bulbs, or some work on an engines, or throw footballs. Some go out and pick fights but we'll call that dysfunction and save that for another post.

  2. great, more evidence that I am actually a woman

  3. I second TunaHell on this one. Lots of times I don't even need any kind of response, I just feel better having gotten things untangled in my mind by pouring them out of myself.

    I suspect, somewhat sadly, somewhat fondly, that Mr. McBastard has spent many a night counting my words, as well.


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