Thursday, May 26, 2005


This is what has happened in the past two weeks:

Finals. They weren't too bad this semester. That's about all there is to say about that.

All my friends graduated. Well, not all of them, but all of my friends from freshman year. Stellar, Nico, Jaysix, Pfaff, and Sammy are gone. Sometimes I was mad that they were leaving me. Sometimes I was jealous that they are starting the rest of their lives. Sometimes I was sad that they wouldn't be around anymore. I am so selfish.

I went to a bandfest with Magster, Steve D, BJ, and some of BJ's friends. The ride down was a little sad (I had just said 'goodbye' to Stellar), but stoned Magster put a smile on my face that lasted the entire weekend. I especially liked her licking ranch dressing off my face and 'dancing' with her to Breaking Benjamin. It was a very Maggie trip. I hope I never get tired of that girl.

Promptly after I got back from the bandfest, I packed up for a roadtrip with my roommates from freshman year (Jaysix, Pfaff, and Sammy). We went to Florida. Mother fucking Panama City Beach, Florida. It rocked. My favorite part was getting high with Jaysix and then playing in the waves. The pictures from the trip are soon to come.

Well, now I'm back, tanned, and missing my old friends. Luckily, quite a few of my fraternity brothers are taking some classes this summer, so this summer I won't be totally lonely.

Well, that's Half of May in Review. I'll probably be updating pretty regularly this summer since I'll have nothing better to do. Seeya later, folks!

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