Sunday, August 29, 2004

Freshman Week

Today marks the end of a week of drunkenness and debauchery known as Freshman Week. It serves as a welcome to all the incoming freshmen to get them acquainted with college, but also gives the upperclassmen a chance to have one final Hoorah before classes resume.

And what a fucking loud Hoorah this year was. So, here's the tallies for the week:

  • Nights drunk: 7
  • Hang-overs: 3 (surprisingly few)
  • Rum & Cokes: approx. 10 (lost count)
  • Beers consumed: innumerable
  • Beers chugged: approx. 10 (damn drinking games)
  • Old friends seen: 6
  • New friends made: everybody's my friend when I'm intoxicated
  • Ladies loved: 1
  • Ladies lost: see "Beers consumed"
  • Times confused as a freshman: 3
  • Times confused as the twin brother of Li'l John (alumnus of my fraternity): 7
  • Lessons learned: 0
  • Fun had: unlimited

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